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Backup Generators for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities in Columbia, SC

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When the power goes out in a hospital or healthcare facility, lives are at stake. The patients are in danger, and the staff and visitors can be at risk. During a crisis, healthcare facilities must have strong backup plans to keep everyone in the building safe. If the power goes out, hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t provide life-saving services.

Generator Services, Inc. is a leading generator installer in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians can expertly assess the building and provide guidance about the right backup generators for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

With exceptional turnkey generator solutions, we ensure your staff is trained to operate the backup generator in any situation. We provide a full range of services, including installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repairs.

To learn more about backup generators for hospitals and healthcare facilities, contact Generator Services, Inc.

Standby Power Solutions from Generator Services, Inc.

Generator Services, Inc. does not just sell generators; we offer the complete package. We offer end-to-end generator services, from building assessments to final installation and testing.

Our team will provide information about the type and size of generator your hospital or healthcare facility needs to meet regulatory codes and standards. After installation, our team provides maintenance services on generators, switchgear, control panels, and more. If you have trouble with your generator after installation, we provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

We’re an authorized dealer for Blue Star Power and Generac light commercial generators. We can find the right generator for your facility between these two manufacturers. When a big storm rolls through your area, take the worry out of managing it. We’ll ensure your critical systems stay on when the power goes out.

Finding the Right Generator For Your Facility

When it comes to generators for your healthcare facility, there are many factors to consider. With industrial generators, you must choose one based on several factors. Size is a major consideration for healthcare facilities — if you have a larger hospital, you need a larger generator.

Large generators provide power from 200kW to several megawatts, enough to handle large hospitals and other facilities. Smaller facilities can use a smaller generator to keep their critical systems running.

Fuel type is also important. Diesel, natural gas, propane, and bi-fuel generators are all good choices. A healthcare facility needs a highly efficient fuel, such as diesel, that will last a long time. Smaller facilities can use more cost-effective fuels.

Large hospitals need a generator with three-phase power, which is common for industrial applications. This provides more efficient power distribution for heavy machinery and essential systems.

Prime and standby power are perfect for hospitals that may experience power outages due to construction or storms. When a storm comes, or the hospital loses power for any other reason, your backup generator needs to be ready to switch on at a moment’s notice.

Generator Services, Inc. can help you determine the best generator setup for your hospital or healthcare facility, considering your power needs and budgetary concerns.

Trust GSI For Generator Services in South Carolina

Generator Services, Inc. operates in Columbia, SC and the surrounding area in western South Carolina. We always provide upfront pricing and can service all brands. Our same-day service can provide peace of mind when your generator fails to operate properly. We also offer financing options for our generator services.

For professional and reliable generator services for healthcare in Columbia, SC, contact Generator Services, Inc. today.

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