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Backup Generators for Data Centers in Columbia, SC

Data centers are trusted to be reliable, secure, and “always on.” However, like homes, they can suffer power outages due to grid failures, rolling blackouts, severe weather conditions, or unpredictable accidents. When a data center loses power, it risks file corruption, complete data loss, and potential malfunctions to the mainframe. 

That’s why investing in reliable backup power systems is essential for data centers to maintain seamless operations and protect against potential financial losses during emergency power outages. This is especially true considering the unpredictable weather in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. 

Generator Services Inc. has proudly served Columbia for 30+ years, offering expert guidance on selecting the right generator. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your power needs never miss a beat, including turnkey installations, routine maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services. The extensive training of our background-checked technicians allows us to ensure end-to-end service excellence. 

Don’t let your data get lost in the dark — contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your backup generator needs. 

Standby Power Solutions from Generator Services, Inc.

At Generator Services Inc., we offer more than just generators. We deliver comprehensive standby power solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your data center. We’ll work closely with you to assess your facility’s power requirements and recommend the most suitable generator type and size. Our customized solutions are guaranteed to comply with all relevant regulatory rules and standards. 

Our services extend beyond the sale. We meticulously maintain generators, switchgear, and control panels to maximize the system’s lifespan. As an authorized dealer for both Blue Star Power commercial generators and Generac light commercial generators, we provide a seamless, turnkey installation experience and a commitment to reliability and customer care throughout the life of your system. 

Considerations for Data Centers When Choosing Backup Power

When selecting the right backup power solution, data centers should carefully consider their specific needs based on their infrastructure’s robustness and reliability requirements and, therefore, where they fall within this tier system:

  • Tier I — basic capacity: This tier provides 99.671% uptime annually. Small businesses or those who don’t rely on real-time data access typically fall into this category. For this tier, backup power requirements are minimal and don’t include redundancy. 
  • Tier II — redundant capacity components: Offering slightly higher reliability at 99.741% uptime, tier II data centers are a good fit for organizations that can tolerate short downtimes. These facilities may have additional power components like generators to support a few hours of outage.
  • Tier III — concurrently maintainable: These data centers have improved reliability and are designed for enterprises that require a more substantial online presence and data availability. Tier III centers guarantee 99.982% uptime. They need multiple power paths and generators for concurrent maintenance without shutting down operations.
  • Tier IV — fault-tolerant: The highest standard, tier IV data centers ensure 99.995% uptime, serving businesses that must operate 24/7, such as large e-commerce sites or global financial firms. These facilities require fully redundant and dual-powered components, including multiple backup generators capable of handling extended outages.

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Trust Generator Services, Inc. for Reliable Generator Installation in South Carolina

At Generator Services Inc., we understand the critical needs of data centers in Columbia and across western South Carolina. We’re family-owned and -operated, and with over 30 years of dependable customer service, you can trust that our customized solutions are right for your data center’s unique needs. 

We offer prompt, same-day service, are experts in all generator brands, and our licensed and background-checked technicians are ready 24/7 to respond to any emergency needs. 

Explore our flexible financing options and special discounts. Contact us today to ensure your data center’s backup power needs are met efficiently. 

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