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Using generators safely during power outages

COLUMBIA, S.C. — There could be major power outages as a result of hurricane Dorian. So, we want to make sure that anyone using a generator, is using it properly.

“First and foremost always refer back to your owners manual,” says Justin Fellers, service technician with Generator Services, Inc. (GSI). “Look over the instructions and look at the operating procedures, because every one of them is different.”

Generators should also be run in well ventilated areas.

“Garages are not okay,” says Fellers. You always have to run them outside, preferably under some sort of open canopy, because you don’t want them to get wet. They do have to stay a way from any kind of rain or liquid.”

Generators can give off carbon monoxide. So, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Your generator should be placed at least five to six feet away from any windows, doors or garage.

When it comes to fueling, Fellers says the unit should be turned off.

“These things do get hot as they’re running,” says Fellers. “That causes the gasoline to ignite if it gets exposed to the exhaust parts of the engine or if you spill it.”

Never overload your generator. Again, refer back to the user manual to check the capacity.

“You might not be able to run everything at one time, but you can stagger what you’re using to make it work for you.”

Never plug generator directly into the house, instead plug appliances into the generator.

Also, users should be sure to check for any exposed cords or wires.

For more information on GSI, click the link here.

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