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Diesel vs. Natural Gas-Powered Generators for Commercial Properties

If you’re considering using a generator for prime or standby power, two options come to mind. Diesel and natural gas generators both have significant advantages. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both generator types to help you form a more informed opinion of each. Pricing, dependability, fuel availability, and applicable regulatory requirements all factor into these considerations.

At Generator Services, Inc., we’ve provided our deep knowledge of generators and broad experience throughout the Columbia area since 1991. We service all generator brands and have an extensive understanding of each. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as a generator authority, and it’s our pleasure to share this information to give you an advantage in your decision-making.

Diesel Generator Considerations

Images of a diesel generator

Benefits of Diesel Generators

Generators powered with diesel fuel require less maintenance than natural gas generators. Their design doesn’t require spark plugs or wires that could be compromised. The lifespan of diesel generators tends to be significantly longer than natural gas models, and they run more efficiently due to the nature of diesel.

Many models can produce as much power as natural gas units larger in size. Since no gas lines are needed, which can be compromised themselves, diesel generators tend to offer users more control over fuel. For the most efficient operation, we recommend diesel fuel for generators higher than 150kw.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

The first of various drawbacks for diesel generators is the upfront cost. From a regular operating cost perspective, diesel fuel is more expensive than natural gas. Older models are loud, making them poorly suited for residential properties. Due to their bulkier nature, diesel generators are harder to maneuver as portable units. Diesel generators work best as stationary backup units in healthcare facilities or data centers where critical backup power needs reliably higher load capabilities.

Natural Gas Generator Considerations

Generac generator outside of a home on a brick bed  surrounded by green grassBenefits of Natural Gas

One of the greatest benefits of natural gas generators is the fuel itself. Natural gas supplies are generally stable and available via gas lines. It’s also cleaner and cheaper than diesel.

Installation generally requires less upfront cost. Their quieter operation makes them ideal for residential properties. Natural gas generators are great options for primary power sources, especially when power requirements stay under 150kw.

Disadvantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas generators generally have shorter lifespans than diesel generators. The larger a natural gas generator is, the lower its fuel efficiency tends to be, which drives up operating costs. Lastly, operators have less control over fuel if gas lines are compromised.

Work with GSI to Choose the Right Generator for Your Needs

At Generator Services, Inc., we know how to evaluate your power needs to recommend the right generator for your budget and requirements. Our licensed, highly trained technicians can match you with a generator of the right size, using the right fuel. Each of our professionals is insured and must pass stringent background checks. We’re family-owned and -operated, with over 30 years of trusted generator services.

To learn more about commercial gas generator services in the Columbia, SC area, contact Generator Services, Inc. experts today.

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